Mouli spinner limited
About us  
  In 2004 in Pallipalayam, India, a group of person formed a vision. It set forth illustrious journey of MOULI SPINNER LIMITED in to the Textile industry. Managed by experienced person where over ten decades of experience in the textile industry. Step by logical step, we expanded our scope of business and diversified into newer fields from a local player to a global entrepreneur.

Mouli Spinner Limited offers a full range of products to meet the wide ranging needs of the textile industry. In fact, over the years we have developed a unique specialty for a number of them. We supply 100% Spun viscose yarn to the Middle East and other European Countries. Once the Yarn is woven in to fabrics, the choices best from EOUs all over India will find place on our product range in synthetics.

In all our businesses, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our product quality goes beyond just meeting customer specifications. We back it up with competitive pricing, prompt service and customer schedules with 24 hours.

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