Mouli Spinner limited

Mouli Spinner Limited believes in Total Quality Management. We never compromise on the quality of our products. Quality is a breath during all phases of the production. We ensure and enforce it right from raw materials purchase to final dispatch of finished goods.

Our production equipment is well maintained to produce the best quality yarn. Our yarns are Auto-coned, Auto- leveled and UV checked. We take special care on each and every cone manufactured by us.

A well-equipped Quality Control Laboratory ensures that the manufactured yarn complies with the quality recommendations and the client requirements

Years of experience in the industry have enabled us to constantly update processes and technologies to meet any demand for a quality yarn at all times. This quest for excellence is not just an end, but also a continuous process that gives us the chance to explore the limitless opportunities in the textile industry.

Our QMS is in tune to international standards. Quality management takes place at two stages:

Before processing in blowroom the fibre bale packages are opened by Manual opening and also by GBR for good opening of package
All autowinding machines equipped with Yarn Clearers for removal of contamination found during final winding


Our fully equipped testing laboratory has advanced equipment to evaluate and monitor quality.

Premier IQ
MAG TPI Tester
MAG Strenghth Tester
100% UV checking of cones
High Quality
Competitive Rates
Timely Deliveries
Consistent Supplies
Prompt Services
Total Quality Assurance
100% Viscose Spun Yarn (Bright and Dull)
100% Viscose High Twist Yarn
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